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An mHealth Intervention to Improve Outcomes for Women With HIV/AIDS

September 26, 2019


The purpose of this study is to develop a new mobile health system that will send text messages to remind both pregnant and non-pregnant women with HIV to adhere to their treatment plan (e.g. keeping appointments, filling prescriptions and taking their medication) and address individual barriers to HIV care (like stigma, medical mistrust and resilience). Investigators also want to see if this new system is feasible, easily accepted and if it will impact patient health in a positive way.


Study Information

This is a randomized trial, with some patients receiving Standard of Care Treatment and others receiving additional mobile health intervention. There will also be a focus group contributing to the design and wording of the mobile health system. The estimated enrollment is 75 participants.  The study began on May 30th 2019 and is estimated to reach completion by November 30th 2020.


Inclusion Criteria

  • Confirmed HIV diagnosis as per the clinic standard
  • Female
  • Above 18 years old at enrollment
  • Currently actively receiving care; either newly enrolled or recently returned into care
  • With two or more previously scheduled visits in the 12 months prior to enrollment:
    • Missed one or more visits or
    • Viral load detectable (>20 mL) or
    • Not taking prescribed HIV anti-retroviral medications


Exclusion Criteria

  • Men
  • Women who are cognitively impaired or are not able to consent for themselves
  • Non-working cell phone
  • Adolescents below 18 years old at enrollment



This study is based in the University of Miami, Florida, United States. To participate, please contact Adi B Mohamed, MEd on 305-243-5800 or at


Sponsors / Collaborators

This study is sponsored by The University of Miami, with Lunthita M Duthely, Ed.D as the Principal Investigator.

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