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PlusCare: Mobile Platform to Increase Linkage to Care in Adolescents Living With HIV/AIDS

September 26, 2019


This trial is exploring a new mobile health system, PlusCare, aiming to improve support and care for HIV-positive youth. Amongst other things, PlusCare would allow the sharing and signing of documents remotely, allow sharing of lab results, provide automated reminders and streamline communication between multiple members of a patient’s case management team. If the trial shows PlusCare to be successful, the system can also be used for the care of youth living with other chronic conditions.


Study Information

This is a phase 2 project, with phase 1 results indicating that PlusCare can feasibly serve as a tool to improve and streamline patient care. This phase will involve a more detailed study on the use of PlusCare in different case management programs and will explore cost effectiveness. This non-randomized study will involve 70 patients and 20 case managers. It began on January 8th 2018 and is scheduled to conclude on March 31st 2020.


Inclusion criteria


  •       between 13-25 years old
  •       HIV positive
  •       enrolled in treatment at a participating study site
  •       owns or has ability to access a smartphone (e.g., iPhone, Android) for one year


  •       Actively employed at a participating study site
  •       Performs case management duties with HIV-positive patients aged 13-25 years.


Exclusion Criteria


  •       Non-English speaker or
  •       Visually/hearing impaired


  •       None



This study is taking place in Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts, United States. To participate or make any inquiries, please contact Julie Fuller or Meryn Robinson at 617-649-2214 or



The sponsors of this study are Dimagi Inc., Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center. The Principal Investigators are Jonathan L Jackson, MEng and Vikram S Kumar, MD.

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