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Technological Intervention for Reducing Alcohol Use Among People Living With HIV/AIDS (TRAC)

September 26, 2019


Alcohol use is shown to have a significant effect on HIV medication. This study is testing a technology-driven intervention called “Project TRAC: Tracking and Reducing Alcohol Consumption,” to help people living with HIV/AIDS to reduce their alcohol use. The eight-session intervention will use a combination of videoconferencing, smart phones, and Bluetooth-enabled breathalyzers for monitoring of alcohol consumption.


Study Information

This is a randomized trial of approximately 60 participants, some of whom will receive the 8-week Project TRAC intervention immediately, and others only after an initial 8-week assessment period. This study began on July 5th 2019 and is estimated to be completed in July 2022.


Inclusion Criteria

  •       HIV-positive
  •       18 years or older
  •       At-risk drinker
  •       Currently prescribed HIV medication
  •       Current patient at the study recruitment site(s)


Exclusion Criteria

  •       Less than 18 years old
  •       Non-English Speaking



This study is taking place at the Atlanta Veterans Health Care System, Decatur, Georgia, United States. For more information, please contact Carolyn K Lauckner, PhD on 7065424447 or at


Sponsors / Collaborators

This study is sponsored by the University of Georgia and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). The Principal Investigator is Carolyn K Lauckner, PhD, University of Georgia.

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