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Mobile Apps

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The GoodRx app helps anyone save money on prescription drugs by allowing users to compare prices from different pharmacies and collect coupons. Drug prices vary by p...

AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Glossary

The AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS glossary app features definitions and explanations for key terms associated with HIV and AIDS. All of the information is provided by the US Dep...

Liverpool HIV iChart

The Liverpool HIV iChart is an app that allows users to check interactions between HIV drugs and other medications. This can be important for people with HIV, as man...

Sanford Guide

The Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS Therapy app is a resource that gives recommendations for HIV/AIDS treatments and has an exhaustive library of information. Users can br...

Positive Singles

The Positive Singles app is a dating and support app for people with HIV, HPV, Herpes, and other STDs to meet other people with the same conditions. The standard ver...

Daily Charge

The Daily Charge app is a resource for people with HIV to set medication reminders, provide helpful information, and motivate users. There are many different resourc...

HIV Answers

The HIV Answers app is a useful resource for people with HIV to answer common questions, explain treatment steps, give helpful tips, and keep track of information. A...

Clinical Trials

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Social Media HIV Prevention Intervention for High Risk Rural Women

This study is looking to develop and test HIV prevention information, which will then be delivered via social media

PHAT Life: Peer Versus Adult-Led HIV Prevention for Juvenile Offenders

PHAT Life: Preventing HIV/AIDS Among Teens is a program created to he

90 DAYS: An Entertainment Education Intervention to Evaluate a Short Film About HIV Status Disclosure

This study is focused on understanding if and how the 2016 film 90 Days can be used as a tool to address HIV-relate

HIV Oral Testing Infographic Experiment

In the United States, over 160,000 people are unaware that they have HIV. The purpose of this pilot study is to dev

Technological Intervention for Reducing Alcohol Use Among People Living With HIV/AIDS (TRAC)

Alcohol use is shown to have a significant effect on HIV medication. This study is testing a technology-driven inte

An mHealth Intervention to Improve Outcomes for Women With HIV/AIDS

The purpose of this study is to develop a new mobile health system that will send text messages to remind both preg

PlusCare: Mobile Platform to Increase Linkage to Care in Adolescents Living With HIV/AIDS

This trial is exploring a new mobile health system, PlusCare, aiming to improve support and care for HIV-positive y


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