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International AIDS Society

September 27, 2019


The International AIDS Society (IAS) is the world’s largest association of HIV professionals and works to reduce the impact of HIV through programming, science, advocacy, and more. The organization was founded in 1988 and is active in over 170 countries as it works to further the efforts of people and organizations working to advance research and help people with HIV/AIDS.



On the IAS website, users can find lots of details about the organization’s mission, history, and staff. Further down the tabs, users can learn about the benefits of membership and learn about how to join the organization. There are also tabs to learn more about the HIV Programs, the IAS Educational Fund, and previous and future Conferences.



The IAS features various programs that research HIV/AIDS and advocate for people and communities who are most vulnerable to acquiring it. The site lists three strategic domains for programs that include policy, research, and structural barriers. The programs are also listed in groups of issues that affect human rights, the youth, and gender transformation and inclusivity.



The IAS organizes the world’s most prestigious HIV conferences that are where the world’s top scientists, policymakers, and advocates meet to talk about fighting HIV. These conferences include the International AIDS Conference, the IAS Conference on HIV Science, and the HIV Research for Prevention Conference. Users can read all about past conferences and learn about future conferences on the website.



The IAS Educational Fund was launched in 2016 “to provide educational and training opportunities to frontline HIV professionals.” The fund continues education through meetings around the world, scholarships to doctors and service providers to attend the conferences, fellowships, and spreading the content to a wider audience.


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